Kia Optima Hybrid: Heater / Heater hose pump Repair procedures

Connect the battery voltage and check the heater hose pump motor rotation.

1. +
2. -

If the heater hose pump voltage is not operated well, substitute with a known-good heater hose pump and check for proper operation.
If the problem is corrected, replace the heater hose pump.
Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Disconnect the mounting clip, and then remove the air duct hose assembly(A).

Remove the intake air filter assembly(A).

Disconnect the heater hose.
(Refer to HA - "Heater Unit")
Disconnect the connector(A) and then remove the heater hose pump (B).

Installation in the reverse order of removal.
Mode Control Actuator Repair procedures

Inspection 1. Ignition "OFF” 2. Disconnect the connector of mode control actuator. 3. Verify that the mode control actuator operates to the defrost mode when connecting 12V to the terminal 3and grounding ...



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