Kia Optima Hybrid: Body (Interior and Exterior) / General Safety Information and Caution

Safety Precaution
Since hybrid vehicles contain a high voltage battery, if the high voltage system or vehicles are handled incorrectly, this might lead to a serious accidents like electric shock and electric leakage.

Be sure to shut off the high voltage by removing the safety plug before performing inspection or repairing the high voltage system.(Refer to “High Voltage Shut-off Procedures”)
The responsible worker keeps the removed safety plug to prevent the plug from being connected by mistake.
Do not keep any metal objects (watch, ring etc.) while working on the high voltage system, which it can cause serious accidents like electric shock.
Before beginning work on the high voltage system, the worker should wear personal protective equipment to prevent safety accidents. (Refer to “Personal Protective Equipment”)
Never allow workers who are not wear personal protective equipment to touch the high voltage system. High voltage components should be covered with an insulation sheet to prevent safety accidents.
Use insulation tools when working on the high voltage system.
Put the removed high voltage components on the insulation mat.

All the high voltage wiring and connectors are orange.
A caution label for high voltage is attached to the high voltage components.
High voltage components: High Voltage Battery Pack Assembly, Power Relay Assembly (PRA), BMS ECU, Hybrid Power Control Unit (HPCU), Hybrid Drive Motor, HSG, Electric A/C Compressor, Low DC/DC Converter (LDC), Power Cable, Electric Compressor etc.

Use Mega Ohm Tester when measuring insulation resistance of the high voltage system.

Specification : High Impendance Digital Volt / Ohm Meter (DVOM) "Category 3"
Leads and Meter rated to 1,000 voltage.

Inform of danger of high voltage by putting the “high voltage caution” on the vehicle as image below.

Be sure to shut off the high voltage circuit shown in the procedures below before working on any high voltage system component (Refer to "High Voltage Shutoff Procedure" for more detailed procedures).
1) Turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the auxiliary 12V battery negative (-) cable.
2) Remove the safety plug
(Turning the ignition switch ON with the safety plug removed may damage the hybrid control system).
3) Wait for more than 5 minutes so that the capacitor in the high voltage system can be naturally discharged.
4) Remove the rear seat and partition tray trim (Refer to “Seat” in BD group).
5) Remove the high voltage front cover (A).
Measure the voltage between the inverter positive and negative power cable terminals.

Below 30V: High voltage circuit properly shut
More than 30V: High voltage circuit faulty

Be sure to follow instructions below when repairing the high voltage cable
Check the voltage of the high voltage connector, terminal or busbar before repairing

Below 30V: High voltage circuit properly shut
More than 30V: High voltage circuit faulty

Be careful not to short circuit between positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.
Insulate the high voltage connector or terminal with an insulation tape after disconnecting
Tighten the high voltage terminal with the specified torque.
The high voltage battery must be always handled horizontally during repairing or storage.
Otherwise, there may be decline in battery performance or its life may be shortened.
Exposing the high voltage battery to intense heat may cause deterioration.
Do not bake over 70°C (158°F) / 30 min or 80°C (176°F) / 20 min when painting.
Personal Protective Equipment
Insulation glove

Used when inspecting or working on the high voltage components
[Insulation performance : 1000V / 300A or above]
Insulation shoes

Used when inspecting or working on the high voltage components
Insulation clothes

Insulation helmet

Safety glasses

Used in the case below
• During Removal & installation or inspection of the high voltage battery terminals or wiring, which spark might happen.
• During working on the high voltage battery pack assembly.
Face shield

Insulation mat

Putting the removed high voltage components on the insulation mat to prevent safety accidents.
Insulation sheet

Covering the high voltage components with insulation sheet to prevent people who don’t wear the personal protective equipment from safety accidents.

Hybrid Vehicle Refrigerant Recovery / Charging Precautions
Since the electric compressor uses high-voltage, you should use POE oil which have high Volumetric Resistivity.
Do not use the same A/C recovery / charging station as conventional belt-driven compressors.

If the POE oil of the system gets mixed with PAG oil, then dielectric breakdown due to decreased volumetric Resistivity can occur and inoperative A/C compressor may result, A/C compressor may not work.

Body (Interior and Exterior)


Repair procedures

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